LIFE ZEROSILIBRINE project address “Resource Efficiency, green and Circular Economy” topic as the main environmental goals is to demonstrate a technology that can allow a circular economy model for precipitated silica wastes

Main objetives

Objetive 1

Demonstrate technical feasibility of REVERSE OSMOSIS stage with
40 m3/h installation recovering 80% volume of the production process effluent of precipitated silica reusing the water recovered in the same production process.

Objetive 2

Validation of the operating costs of the reverse osmosis process and validation of the economic feasibility of the manufacture of high purity anhydrous sodium sulphate.

Objetive 3

Validate and optimise EVAPORATION-CRYSTALLIZATION stage with small prototype (1-2 m3/h) from 80% to 100% discharge volume until obtaining a commercial anhydrous sodium sulphate.

Objetive 4

Study andydrous sodium sulpahte by-product characteristics with primary sodium sulphate manufacturer.

Objetive 5

Study potential technology replicability and transfer to other chemical processes and/or industrial sectors.

Objetive 6

Creation of a new business of anhydrous sodium sulphate. Transferability and replicability models will be studied. Business plan will be generated to exploit all the circular economy business strategy.


Implementation of the circular economy concept targeting at least one of the priority sectors of the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy and ensuring the use of high quality secondary resources, scrap materials and/or wastes within a value chain or different value chains.